Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SPQ13 Phil

Today is the last day of the diesel program!

So I havent posted the last few weeks, things have really been crazy lately. I'm already working 6 days a week and my boss told me yesterday that we will be moving to 7 a week really soon. Harvest is about 2-3 weeks off and this is the time that a lot of small farms start asking us to get them ready for season...with only a few days to do so.

I'm currently working on a picker that has really been a mess. It started that my boss had tested the main drive pump and told me it was bad and sent me up to replace it. So I replaced it then did my pressure test. The pressure should never drop lower than 220 psi and the new pump was only at 150 psi. So my boss had me install a new pump (which is no easy task...I'm doing this in the field with no lifts or jacks and its not light) and it still wasn't making  pressure. So after talking to the head mechanic at OXBO I checked all three of the wheel drive motors. I found one that had a really steady streem coming out of the case drain so I pulled it and then pulled the pressure again. Still low...so I then checked the other two motors and they both had started poring out of the case drain as well. I'll be heading up to Canada again today to do some more work on it. Its looking like this picker is getting a whole new drive system though.

Well looking back at the past two years it has been quite the ride! I went from being a farm hand to a full time mechanic! Farmers equipment is looking to start a shop up in Canada at the end of this year and I'm in line to be the head mechanic up there. I really have learned a ton in the past two years and I'm really greatfull to everyone who has been behind me, pushing me forward. A big thank you goes to you Jeff!! You really have been a great instructor!


  1. Wow, it's already over! Good job, Phil!

  2. Yay Phil! So excited for you! Are you going to the graduation?

  3. Congratulations Phil - we knew you could do it! We're so proud of you. Tough summer ahead but a lot of good things ahead in your future! Love, Dad & Mom

  4. Great report Phil!

    I figured you were a keeper from the beginning. (;

    Remember to give the new guys a chance.